TINI Tiny Drones & Whoops

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Welcome to TINI Drones - TINI Drone Bots are tiny whoops FPV WIFI Nano Flying Drone toy robots that you can pilot as a micro-aviator 'TINI' Drone pilot.

 1. Featuring

A. DroneBugs - Spider, Ladybug, and Scorpion nano drone bots

B.  Battle and UFO nano drones

C.  Racing/Auto/Plane nano drones

D. Selflie and safety/security drones

E. Action Figure and Special Drones

F. Mech, Kits, and others...

G. TINI Tiny Whoops - www.tiniwhoop.com

2.  With hd camera and ghz mobile/FPV

3.  FPV/Mobile app views and AR and 3D expansion.



TINI Whoop Drone

The official TINI WHOOP drone. www.tiniwhoop.com


TINIWHOOP ! at tiniwhoop.com